When other people do Simplicious better than me!

One of my great mates, Bill, told me he’s sick of the sound of my name. His partner Mark has changed the way they live and it’s kind of annoying Bill. Bones being collected from his plate and the smell of bone broth…it’s driving him mental. Worse, whenever he arks up, Mark’s response is, “Sarah Wilson says…”.

The embarrassing thing is, Mark is actually doing a better job of the whole Simplicious caper than me at the moment. He out-Simplicious’d me. He’s not alone…awkwardly enough.

I've been out-Simplicious'd!
I’ve been out-Simplicious’d!

I Quit Sugar’s recipe developer Meg has a housemate Lucy who goes beyond.

Says Meg: “We always keep a “banana box” in the freezer for smoothies and whatever. One day we were cutting up the bananas to freeze and Luce was just like OMG I can’t throw out the peels. And I was like… throw out the peels you crazy person. So then she Pinterested the hell out of it and found you could make “banana water” so she simmered the peels in a pot of water… then froze the water into ice cubes to use in smoothies and things.”

Yeah, totally out-Simplicious’d.

Bananas about to be simmered up for Lucy’s “banana water”

Then “Emily”, a reader who once posted a “celery boner” on Instagram (which I reposted) emailed me to share this: “The other day my friend texted me, ‘Every time I throw away food, I feel like Sarah Wilson is looking over my shoulder. Judging me. And so I don’t. I figure out how to use them better’. I laughed out loud before replying that that is exactly what I imagine (and it is).

“The next day, while at a different friends house for lunch, as she was stuffing her scraps into her freezer she joked that, “I always worry that Sarah Wilson might know that I’m wasting food’. So she doesn’t. She figures out how better to use them.”

Emily added: “You seem to have somehow (created) a sixth simplicious sense”

Ha! I rather love this. But feel a little guilty about it, too.

avo mousse
Emily’s avo mousse makeover

Emily then kindly shared her own brown, mushy avocado mousse shots.

bone broth
Emily’s bone broth

And her bone broth. She strained out the fat and meaty bits to make dog food and buried the bones in a future veggie patch spot. Gosh, she totally out-Sarah Wilson’d me with that one!

food prep
Emily’s food prep – details outlined below!

It gets more impressive. She made almond milk and used the pulp to crumb local sardines, made cream cheese and used the whey to ferment some beet kvass, put egg shells in her bone broth …to make osso bucco.

celery leaf pesto
She used her celery boner to make celery leaf pesto…
…and leftover lemons to make lemon, ginger and turmeric ice blocks.

Golly, it goes on…”I was given a stack of lemons. Instead of letting them go off I juice them up with ginger/turmeric and froze. Pre-prepared morning lemon water…and used the peels to make a eco cleaning product (vinegar + peels left for 2 weeks).”

Being out-Simplicious’d…I really do love it.
Have you done it? Want to dob in a mate who has? Tag your photos with #foodwastegirl and #simplicious on Instagram so I can find them. Or, add your trick and photo in the comments below. 

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