An apology

Hello Readers,

This is an apology for the ghastly ads on my site the past week or so. I have a unique policy on ads

Image via Amazing Art
Image via Amazing Art

The short version? I do very little advertising here on this site and only endorse or promote something if I personally use the product/service, and only if the product/service helps the lives of readers who frequent this blog. It mostly means I use the product first (not a freebie), happily endorse it (for free), then the brand behind the product approaches me to partner, almost as a quid pro quo arrangement.

This means I turn down a good chunk of advertising opportunities weekly. Why? The success of my blog rides on my authenticity.

I preach the message, I must walk it, too.

But our opportunistic friends at Disqus (my comments provider) have put on a default to run ads… and one has to jump through rings to undo it. We’re currently jumping through the rings.

I’m not really resentful, because all these freemium platforms have a right to charge us when they want to. If someone from Disqus reads this, however, they might like to know that I would’ve liked communication of this occurring… and some instructions on how to opt out of the default. Just an idea…

On a brighter note, this site will be looking vastly different soon. About time, hey!?

S x

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