An updated foodie guide to London.

I’ve written a slow-food and paleo guide to London. But that was a while back. And since London has a constantly changing culinary landscape, I thought my latest trip to town (August 2016) warranted an update.

Drinks at Silo, Brighton. (Details below)
Drinks at Silo, Brighton. Turmeric and lemon, nettle beer, fermented elderflower bubbly tasting…Because I was really rather curious. All of it delicate, effervescent, and alive. (Details below)

I’m keeping it simple. And mostly visual. A post packed with images of my favourite meals and links to the best joints I know.

45 Jermyn Street

Oh My Weird Breakfast Goodness! This was quite a revelation. Homemade crumpets with marmite and fried duck eggs, plus pink grapefruit, kale and chia smoothie with a mountain of tumeric… They let me add my own… Somewhat horrified by my enthusiasm.

Breakfast at 45 Jermyn St
Breakfast at 45 Jermyn St


Curry with extra vegetables for me. My Number One Eating While Travelling Tip is to google places that do a side of veg. And I sub the rice or pasta or…quinoa. Me, I’m a 7-9 cups a day girl! Thank you Camilla for the mindful, gut friendly, dense nutrition eats.

Farmacy curry with extra veggies.

Clean and Lean Cafe

I first came across James Duigan when I was the Editor of Cosmopolitan and he was known for being Elle Macpherson’s PT. He has set himself up as the authority on sensible fitness in the UK and now opened a new cafe, Bodyism by Clean and Lean in Notting Hill. They serve whole milk only, do a great Paleo bread and their bullet-proof coffee is sublime. There’s a really relaxing- but- buzzy vibe to the place.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-19 um 13.02.33
Toasted Paleo bread with almond butter and banana. And a bulletproof coffee at Clean and Lean Cafe

Silo Brighton

The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution team took me to Silo for a zero waste dinner after so many of my UK mates insisted I visit. Tinkerage sparkling from the only orange wine vineyard in the UK.

We are ox tongue with Babington leeks and lovage, asparagus and then Doug brought out some leftover aquaculture trout belly with the herbs that are grown from the sustainable seafood practice. I drank a natural wine from Turkey that tasted of pine and cumin. Beautiful!

Dinner at Silo, Brighton
Dinner at Silo, Brighton

Oscars, Charlotte St Hotel

26 hours on a plane writing the second draft of a book…followed by 7 miles of wandering, two hours of Boris biking and a Reformer Pilates class…calls for an English Sunday roast, orchestrated from “can I get a lot of greens” up.

Sunday Roast at Oscars, Charlotte St Hotel
Sunday Roast at Oscars, Charlotte St Hotel

Hemsley at Selfridges

Looking for ways to get more turmeric in…more orange food. The turmeric tea at Hemsley Cafe Selfridges does the trick.

Turmeric tea at Hemsley Selfridges
Turmeric tea at Hemsley Selfridges

Tiny Leaf

London’s first zero-waste, organic, vegetarian restaurant. The idea is intelligent dining – educate and raise awareness of the food waste pandemic. Here’s the Tiny Leaf website.

The Tiny Leaf chefs celebrating the delivery of their organic produce
The Tiny Leaf chefs celebrating the delivery of their organic produce

Farm Girl Cafe

My right brain, Jo, and I had a breakfast meeting here. Simple Australian cafe culture. They also have an in-house doctor and apparently make a killer vegan BLT… with coconut bacon. They’re Instagram-famous for their pretty rose lattes.

Farm Girl Cafe breakfast (not our image, we forgot to take one)
Farm Girl Cafe breakfast (not our image, we forgot to take one)

The Mae Deli

The hugely successful healthy foodie Deliciously Ella opened her first cafe in London, the Mae Deli. On offer are dishes aligned to Ella’s philosophy: plant-based feel good food. I really like that Ella is vego herself but includes meat (purchased as “sides”), acknowledging that for many, healthy means animal protein, too.

Need veg fix? Get your nutrition-craved soul to The Mae Deli for some Deliciously Ella lovin!
Need veg fix? Get your nutrition-craved soul to The Mae Deli for some Deliciously Ella lovin’!

Taberna do Mercado

Loved this place – oily fish and offal and all things genuinely Portugese. Check out their menu to get the full feel.

Smoked pork and carabineiro "açorda" at Taberna do Mercado
Smoked pork and carabineiro “açorda” at Taberna do Mercado

Prawn on The Lawn

A fishmonger and restaurant situated near Islington’s buzzing Upper Street. Established in 2013 by Rick Toogood and his wife Katie, it began as a seafood bar and fishmonger but has now been extended to include a 16-seater basement restaurant, serving only the freshest seafood and tapas-style fish dishes.

The menu.
The menu at Prawn on the Lawn

The Detox Kitchen

The Detox Kitchen is good for a quick breakfast or lunch fix in bright surrounds.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-19 um 14.08.21
Bowls and bowls of breakfast goodness, including beetroot and coconut soup. Yes!

Honey and Co.

Honey and Co. is a great stop for Middle Eastern fare. And the owners of the place are absolutely lovely.

I had XXX
Solo dinner on my first night in town at Honey and Co: oxtail soup with beetroot and celery leaves.

Lantana Cafe

Owned by Australians, their coffee and menu is top-notch and make you feel like you’re having your weekly brunch after a morning swim at Bondi beach. There are now three Lantana joints around London.

Another avo and eggs on toast dish along with British news.
Another avo and eggs on toast dish along with British news.

The Wolseley

I enjoyed some Kedgeree here for breakfast. It’s one of my London rituals.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-19 um 14.20.34
My go to meal at the Wolseley: Kedgeree with smoked haddock and an egg

Some extra places I heard fit the real food bill but didn’t get to try myself:

Smoking Goat – A Thai BBQ with rare-breed meats and day-boat fish direct from small production farmers and fishermen.

Hoppers London – This place appeals for its dosas and other fun Indian things.

The Good Egg Co – This place has a Middle Eastern-inspired, seasonal menu and a cocktail called The Pickleback made with house dill pickle brine. I’m intrigued.

Bone Tea – This place does bone broth.

What are your favourite health food tips for London? Share them in the comment section below!

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