Always telling people to quit sugar? Now you can get paid for it…

Hey, you’re probably one of those people who tells their mates and family about the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program rather a lot. Maybe you’re a personal trainer or nutritionist and recommend it to your clients? And perhaps you’ve thought, “I should be getting commission for this!”.

Our 8-Week Program Deconstructed Sushi Bowl, by @kitchenofamelia
Our 8-Week Program Deconstructed Sushi Bowl, as cooked up by program participant @kitchenofamelia

We’ve thought the same and my crew over at I Quit Sugar are offering a new partner program.

It’s a double hit: you get $10, they get $10

It works like this:

  • Sign up to our referral program to receive your unique link.
  • Share this link with your community, clients, patients, friends. You can do this on your blog, Instagram, verbally, on a newsletter…. by carrier pigeon…
  • By signing up with your link, your friend will save $10 on our 8-Week Program.
  • Plus, we’ll pay YOU $10 for every friend who signs up.

If you want to know more about how to join our referral program, click here. The next round of the 8-Week Program starts January 12. There’s another kicking off early February, too.

Hope that’s all clear! And good luck spreading the message.




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