You know how I only put forward charity ideas when they’re really good…?

Well, this one is a cracker from every angle. And it will solve your Mother’s Day situation. And do two lots of good. Read on…

Some of you have been following my involvement with Two Good Co social enterprise.

It work likes this: you buy one of their hearty soups or “jar salad” (in Summer) for $13. BUT!!! Your thirteen bucks also gets you a SECOND soup/salad, which is donated to a shelter in YOUR area. PLUS order ten (for your office) and they’ll deliver. The layers of goodness continue: Rob uses high quality organic “seconds” (not crappy scraps) and employees women from shelters to cook the soups.

The concept has gone galactic since I first worked with founder Rob Caslick on the initial recipe (BTW they’re featuring one of my recipes – Apple, Parsnip and Cardomom – next week, if you want to place an order). Top chefs around Australia now take part and it runs nationally.

Now we’ve partnered again.

This time on beauty products. And the idea is too good.

It works like this:

  • You buy one of their Love Another Mother Two Good Care Packs packs for $68 here. Each pack contains toxin-free (yes!) shampoo, conditioner, body moisturiser and hand and body cleanser. The packaging is made from post-consumer waste. Yep, it gets better.
  • Buy it for Mum for Mother’s Day. Get Mum in on this thing. I reckon she’ll love it.
  • A second pack is then delivered to a woman in a safe house or shelter near you. You don’t need to do more. Other than buy another pack for yourself. And another for another mother.

NL TwoGood 270x110 4 You know how I only put forward charity ideas when they’re really good...?

You need to know this, too:

To bring it all together in an even lovelier loop, I invited Irene from Nourished Life to get involved. Irene is THE authority on toxin-free beauty products in Australia. She only sells products that she puts through a serious vetting process. That Black Chicken deodorant that I bang on about and almost everyone in my orbit now uses? Irene introduced me to it. She also supports Australian products first and foremost.

Anyway, Rob and I invited Irene to reformulate the products to be toxin-free, high quality and packaged in recyclable plastic. Now we are all mates. We shared a wine. We email at all hours to spread ideas. We’ll be doing more fun things together. Stay tuned.

But for now, please do feel free to get on board and #loveanothermother out there who needs some care and a sign from her community that she matters and is being honoured this Mother’s Day.

NL TwoGood 270x110 4 You know how I only put forward charity ideas when they’re really good...?

What do you think? Have you tried the Two Good soups or salads yet?

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