The best toxin-free deodorant: 15% off for you kids!

It’s strange times we live in. Oooh, yeah.

I was asked a while back on social media what deodorant I use. Was it toxin-free and, importantly, did it actually work? I shared that I use Axilla Deodorant Paste by Black Chicken Remedies and, well, what do you know, this simple act broke the Internet. Chey Birch, the Sydney-based creator of Black Chicken Remedies who makes the stuff wrote to me shortly after to tell me that they sold out of the stuff in 24 hours and the site went down from the demand.

PS: This post has now been updated to include information about the New Sensitive Skin version of the paste. The 15% discount applies to both!

Which makes me laugh to think about it. It also makes me laugh to think about how many times strangers have approached me in the street to say they use Axilla and to tell my all about how their life has literally changed for the better/less stinky.

If you’re keen to try it out

Chey’s offering a discount to my mates who read this blog:

unnamed The best toxin-free deodorant: 15% off for you kids!

Want to know more

Here’s a few topline things to know about the stuff:

  • Contains only natural and certified organic ingredients
  • No aluminium salts or compounds
  • Completely invisible – no white streaks on your clothes or underarms
  • No synthetic fragrances
- only subtle essential oils and botanical extracts
  • No alcohol, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosans and the rest. I’ve explained why these things are crappy here.
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in Australia
  • One jar lasts 3 months-plus – you use a tiny amount (a glob the size of your little finger nail)
  • Easy to massage into your pit. The massaging is great for lympathics, too.

The new Barrier Booster for Sensitive Skin version:

  • Does not contain Bicarb Soda, which some people are sensitive to.

Anyway. You get the gist. The point is I asked Chey to give everyone here a discount. She kindly said, sure thing…

unnamed The best toxin-free deodorant: 15% off for you kids!

I’m also giving a $30 discount on my toxin-free travel beauty kit, should you want the whole shebang.



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