Would you mind helping me with my next project?

I’m working on a big project – OK, it’s another book (!) – and I’m wanting to get a feel for what food we’re wasting. So that I can help folk, well, not waste these particularly forlorn  foods.

How do you all feel about answering this very short survey as honestly as possible (it’s totally anonymous)?

I stress honestly, because I know we’d all like to be able to say we don’t really waste food. I’m going to be including reader tips and ideas and tricks throughout this book. Feel free to add comments in the survey or below.

One again…the survey is found here. Note the cute gif!

Big thanks in advance. I mean it. PS I’ll be sure to share the results with you all so you feel part of the process! PPS Let me know if you are OK with my asking for further feedback for this book over coming weeks…


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