When hope has a wobble, we fire the f*ck up.

The Australian election result is sad and worrying, but also rally call. It was the last election that could make a proper dint in the climate crisis. Many commentators have said as such. Including the biggest international voice on the matter who has been watching our descent for 30 years, Bill McKibben. I truly advise you follow his work…



When hope has a wobble, we fire the f*ck up. Don’t you think? Don’t you feel it?

Over coming months and years, I will be galvanising and leveraging – along with many others. At the most powerful strata for change  – the grassroots. To find the nourishing way through this climate crisis.

This is not just about economics and jobs and disappearing wildlife. It’s spiritual. it goes to the core of our being.

I’m being asked questions. All kinds of questions on this matter.

Can I ask a favour? Could you post them here, in one spot?

I will then answer them – myself or with the aid of experts. I’m not an expert. But I will find the experts.

The core, spiritual questions are likely to be my favourite, BTW.

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