Stellar Magazine supports my #giveashit campaign

Some of you asked this to be posted here. Happy to oblige. It’s the feature Stellar magazine ran to support my Two Good Co project in partnership with Waverley Mills. You can read the details of the project here and buy a blanket here.

Now, I want to acknowledge something raw and awkward. A year ago Stellar ran a cover profile of me. It was very flattering and glamorous. However, as I outline is this post here, I was compromised on a number of things due to my anti-consumption principles. I was aware I sounded ungrateful. I was aware I was going against the grain. I was aware I could ruffle feathers. But I had to say my truth.

I soon learned my response was taken in perhaps the wrong way. Or at least not as I intended. This is my challenge – to find more refined ways to express my rebellion. I don’t want to hurt people as I tread this against-the-grain journey. A year on, however, Stellar have me back in the magazine. I was thrilled to feel the grown-up moving-on-ness from the gesture. Refined! Renegade!

The team very graciously styled me in minimal makeup and hair done-ness, natural light and no work on my wrinkles and skin blemishes, and dressed me in local sustainable clothing (and my own cardi and sandals).

I love this world. I thrive on the support of big souls. Thank you Sarrah and Angela and team.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone nourishing life in their own way!

Sarah xx

Screen Shot 2019 05 05 at 2.28.47 PM Stellar Magazine supports my #giveashit campaign

Screen Shot 2019 05 05 at 2.28.58 PM Stellar Magazine supports my #giveashit campaign

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