Charity project #2 success. $113,000 raised for homeless women

This is what I do now. I create charity projects where I raise money, raise awareness and then kick in my cash. I think you know the gist of how and why I do it. No? You can read about it here.

My second project was a series of marino wool blankets that I designed with Waverley Mills for Two Good Co. You can read how it worked here.. in essence, when one was purchased, another went to a women in need in a homeless shelter around Australia. Whatever you donated, I matched with my own dosh. And we all pitched in to #giveashit together.

The update: The project was a complete sell out!

It was truly wonderful that you all supported this project. A big thank you to @jodiemeares @the_upside @heidimiddletonartclub @megan_morton who supported the whole lot. And @traceybakerbrand for blowing the trumpet for us. To Rob Palmer for doing some great shots and the crew at Flinders Island who put up their hand to supply an experience for showcasing the blankets. And to all of you who bought a blanket. For just “getting it”. This whole idea is a bit of an experiment for me.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished together

  • Our first order of blankets sold out in 10 DAYS!
  • We raised $113,000, half from you and half from me.
  • 360 blankets have been donated to women’s shelters across the country.
  • Those who attended my Business Chicks events raised an extra $10,840.90
  • And a nice story from the back of the project: Two Good have now launched SEW GOOD, their social enterprise for sewing and creative workshops for homeless women to learn new skills.

We’ve totally sold out of blankets – we actually ran out of scrap wool from the factory floor! – and we won’t be doing another run.

Once I finish my latest book Megan and I will be announcing our next charity project. Give me a month or two….

Flinders 1445 Charity project #2 success. $113,000 raised for homeless women

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