Some happy news from that $60K we raised together!

Ah, right, then. Some happy, albeit belated news, amid the coronachaos. Remember how you helped me raise $60,000 for World Bicycle Relief  and we provided TWO WHOLE VILLAGES in Africa a bunch of bikes?

Well, the bikes arrived in the villages recently and they held ceremonies for the schools (the Munyati Primary School in the Shibuyunji District and Mafungautsi Primary School in the Kafue District of Zambia) to thank all of you!Here’s some photos and videos and they are just a life-delight.



Celebrations at Munyati Primmer School.



Here’s one student who received a bicycle: “I’m very happy because you give us bikes… we thank you because we can come to school very fast”…see below, her Dad shares his happiness, too.

Along with the donation of bicycles to students, WBR establish a program that includes training members of the community to form the Bicycle Supervisory Committee (BSC), which manages and monitors the progress of the bike program at their school. WBR also train a field mechanic in the community who can fix the bicycles, fit spare parts and complete regular preventative maintenance.

Here’s Dad: “It is too far away from home to reach the school…. It is about 2 and a half hour walk, or in a boat 6km… We are joyful for giving us bicycles… because it has improved our standard of living”

“My Name is Talisai. I am coming from Kanyenzi. I learn at Mafungautsi Primary School. I am in Grade 5. Thank you very much for giving us bicycles we usually have challenges when coming to school. You have really helped us because where we stay it is far. Thank you very much. God bless you.”

Alice: “Thank you. We are very thankful for these bicycles you have given us. We were not managing to come to school, it was very far to walk. We are very thankful. Thank you.’

You can read a bit more about how my charity projects here.

If you want to continue to support this project, head here. It’s ongoing and meaningful! Thank you again for being so caring.

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