Your Wild and Precious “Get Involved Now” Kit

I figured (and hope) that after reading This One Wild and Precious Life, you’d be gagging to make a difference immediately.

I’ve compiled this bunch of carbon counters, apps, zero-waste online challenges, books, shopping guides etc. that can assist you and your household make switches straight away. I’ve started with Australian resources for now, but will update along the way.

Community Solutions Plan 

This personalised plan put together by the team at the ABC’s Fight for Planet A will provide you with useful tips, tools and advice to reduce your carbon emissions as well as connect you with others in your community making a difference. You can choose to focus on transport emissions, energy emissions or food waste, or all three at once.

Carbon Counter 

See how much CO2 you could save with just one change to your lifestyle! You can join in as an individual, household or school group.

One Small Step 

One Small Step is a sustainability coach that fits in your pocket. This gamified, fitness-style mobile app helps you reduce your environmental impact through curated step-by-step programs and a personalised action plan to lower your carbon footprint.

One Small Step’s goal is to help all users reduce their carbon footprints to 2 tonnes of CO2 or below, in line with the UN’s 2050 goal for annual per person carbon footprints.

Rather than feeling like you have to do everything and anything under the sun, we show you a finite set of fun activities that help you achieve carbon neutrality quickly and effectively. Then we provide curated step-by-step programs, support, coaching and guidance to help you carry out those activities. Activities cover waste, energy, transport, food and the stuff you buy.

You can download the One Small Step app for free on Android here and for iPhones in the app store here.

Green Wallet

Green Wallet is an app that guides you to genuine green retailers nearby, and rewards you with cashback when you shop green.

What’s best, is that you know whatever you buy in our Green Economy is carbon neutral, to help stop climate change.

Climate Clever

An app for schools, homes and businesses that will help calculate your carbon footprint, track your emissions annually and compare your results with others across the country. Climate Clever will then assign tasks, set deadlines, implement initiatives, monitor progress and share experiences.

Solar My School 

Solar my School is a Council-run initiative helping schools reduce energy bills, educate students and shrink their carbon footprint with solar power.

They free independent support and guidance to primary and secondary schools looking to power their buildings with cheap green energy.

1 Million Women

1 Million Women has a simple goal with a big impact: get one million women to pledge to take small steps in their daily lives that save energy, reduce waste, cut pollution and lead change. 1 Million Women is now a movement of over 950,000+ women and girls. They have a great app that gives you the tools to cut carbon pollution in the key areas of your everyday life focusing on home energy savings and clean energy options, minimising food waste, reducing overconsumption, investing and divesting (your money) wisely, sustainable fashion, low-impact travel and much more.

Australian Parents For Climate Change

Australian Parents For Climate Action (AP4CA) is the voice for all parents, grandparents and those who care about children in Australia to show their deep concern about the impact of climate change on our children’s safety and survival, now and into the future. 

Solar Our Schools:  Their campaign is asking the federal government for funding for solar panels and batteries on all schools and early childhood centres across Australia. As well as the fact that increased use of renewable energy is great for lowering emissions, Solar Our Schools would create at least 7000 jobs and provide huge savings for schools and preschools, who could put the money saved on energy bills towards teaching resources. You can read more about the campaign by visiting their website.

What you could do to help: Support Solar Our Schools by sharing the link to their Open Letter ( on your social media channels, they are trying to get as many signatures as possible on the open letter to the Prime Minister to Solar Our Schools.

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