sunday life: “it’s meant to be”

This week I contemplate whether it’s all “meant to be”.

Have you noticed everyone is saying this a lot lately?

The sales assistant at Domayne tells me the mattress protector I’m after is the last in stock. “It’s meant to be,” she says, giving me a knowing smile. The only available seats at the Cineplex are for Ugly Truth. Not an ideal conflation of events, but I run into a peer who later sets me up with a sweet speakers gig in the row behind me: “It was meant to be”. Someone’s eaten the last Mint Slice: “It’s not meant to be”, yells Dad from the lounge during a recent visit.

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golf. it’s good. in a lemon plaid kinda way

Right now I’m on a hobbies rampage. It started when I declared that I like men with hobbies. I had a cup of tea with a guy the other day who just started painting and I was immediately attracted.

A hobby denotes an ability to shut off from what “you’re meant to be doing” and to suspend for a bit doing something out of curiosity. There’s no pat-on-the-back-able purpose to it. It’s just about being with yourself and seeing what comes up. People who take the time and effort to open themselves up to this exploration are wonderful people to be around.

I realised I haven’t had a hobby for a while. Mountain biking was it for years. My adventures up and down hills were a great space for me to explore what made me “me”. Oh, the places I went (I’ve ridden around NZ, Tasmania, Brisbane to Cairns, California, Spain, Vietnam…all on the same saddle; the most reliable, stable thing I’ve probably ever put between my legs…).

24-hour moutainbike race, Canberra
I’m the one in pink. Lap 3 of 24-hour race, Canberra.

But to golf. I had my first lesson today. I think it could be a good hobby.

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