sunday life: in which I ruin my relationship prospects

Last week I mentioned I visited a shaman in Bali. The reaction from everyone was, did he dress like Sandy from Monkey (skulls around neck, carrying a staff), and what wisdoms did he impart. To the first, no, he wore shorts and plastic sandals and we sat in his kitchen as kids and cats run amok and his wife cooked curry.3025999800 05180face5 sunday life: in which I ruin my relationship prospects

And his profound insight? Oh yes. Well, he told me I don’t much go for relationships. And that I shouldn’t. Go for them, that is. Nor should most women like me. If we want to be happy.

Now this might strike a shard of horror through the spleens of some.  But I’ve had a week to digest and clarify the idea. It opened interesting cans of worms, with myself and with friends, both partnered and otherwise. And I wrangled with whether to explore it as part of this journey to make life better. In the end, I decided I had to.

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eat this way

This much we kinda know by now: * How we eat is being controlled by big fat corporations * We’re getting big and fat – and sick – from the way we eat. But, here, the rest of the story.[youtube][/youtube] I got goosepimply where the farmer says, “People have to start demanding good wholesome food … Read more