life is hard. life is precious.

Warning: this is just the trailer…but prepare to cry big connecting-with-humanity tears.


Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire (this is actually the full title) hits screens in a month or two. But a water-cooler-ready overview in the mean time:

* Oprah’s backed it

* the plot follows the truly tragic life of Clareece “Precious” Jones, an overweight, illiterate teenager, pregnant by her father for a second time, abused by her mother (Mo’Nique) and saved by a teacher (Paula Patton) who shows her how to find life again

* Mariah Carey plays a convincingly dowdy school counselor (sans makeup) and Lenny Kravitz plays a hot nurse.

I often wonder why I cry in movies like this. As in, what’s the core reason. I reckon it’s because when we watch them we’re accessing the common pain of humanity. When this pain is brought to the surface and displayed in such an overt way, it’s easier to connect to that thread of suffering that runs through us all. It’s harder to feel it when you’re just walking out at lunch to grab a sushi roll.

Which is why the tears are not simply of distress, but are “beautiful tears”, tears of connection. Anyway, that’s what I reckon. You?

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