life is hard. life is precious.

Warning: this is just the trailer…but prepare to cry big connecting-with-humanity tears. [youtube][/youtube] Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire (this is actually the full title) hits screens in a month or two. But a water-cooler-ready overview in the mean time: * Oprah’s backed it * the plot follows the truly tragic life of … Read more

high school politicking 2.0. (shudder).

Marketing supremo Seth Godin wrote today: “Any sufficiently overheated industry will eventually resemble high school…filled with insecurity, social climbing, backbiting, false friends, faux achievements, high drama and not much content. Much of this insecurity comes from a market that doesn’t make good judgments, that doesn’t understand how to reliably choose between alternatives. So it turns into a popularity contest.”

As Tom Hanks reportedly said, “Hollywood is like high school, but with money.” The internet, Godin says, is like high school but with a modem. And twitter… is high school but only 140 characters at a time.

As with high school, you ultimately win out when you keep your distance from irrelevant people. And do your own thing.

I was bullied mercilessly in high school. The “clique” found me weird (lived in country, big family, quite liked studing). I found them weird.

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