The significance of the Ken doll

As a follow-up to the Sunday Life post below in which I ponder why I have a Ken doll displayed amongst religious iconography on an antique toy ironing board in my hallway …Liz the feng shui consultant just posted this:

Ken, it's time to go.
Ken, it's time to go.

Hi Sarah, It was interesting as I was thinking of you yesterday and that Ken doll!! Ken = perfect man. Is there such a thing?

A very good point. Either I deface Ken. Or Ken goes.

As anyone who follows my column in Sunday Life knows, each week I test a theory or technique for making life better. And as anyone who knows me, I’m taking the quest very seriously. Which means not leaving a perfect Ken doll in my reputation corner, unless I want to be known as someone seeking the impossible. Like a princess, the one with that pea under all those mattresses.

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