haven’t seen it yet? Bondi beach dance

200 actors pull off a cute stunt for some video camera brand. The use of Ben Lee’s Catch My Disease is nice. Ben’s a Bondi boy. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9rytUeq62k&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] And while on the subject (stunts) and in the ‘hood (Bondi beach)… pretty much spot on two years ago I hauled together 1100 women in pink bikinis on … Read more

The significance of the Ken doll

As a follow-up to the Sunday Life post below in which I ponder why I have a Ken doll displayed amongst religious iconography on an antique toy ironing board in my hallway …Liz the feng shui consultant just posted this: Hi Sarah, It was interesting as I was thinking of you yesterday and that Ken … Read more

sunday life: in which I clear flabby energy in my flat

This week I feng shui’d my flat. (And for everyone wanting to know more on this… I had Liz Wiggins of Feng Shui Living, Sydney, come in and give me the rundown. She provides a full report and sends salt cleansers to put in rooms that need some extra help.)

little corner of clutter
my little corner of clutter. NB: dried roses must go!

So there we were – it was about a year ago – Dad and I, standing by the side of the road hugging a tree. I don’t know if you’ve ever got your inherently skeptical, raised-by-Catholic-nuns father to do this. It’s some feat. Admittedly mine will give most things a shot. In a fug of boredom once I asked to shave his head and he just handed me a razor. And when we were kids he would always let me and my brothers do jumps over him on our BMXs. He loved it.

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12 foods you don’t REALLY have to buy organic

I’ve always found it easier to do something when boundaries are relaxed. Even if you don’t always take up the hall pass, it’s good to know I have the choice. 3439928825 13d4e5a8b4 12 foods you don't REALLY have to buy organic

In the last little bit I’ve been steering my eating toward organic options as much as possible. It’s not easy. And it’s blooody expensive. At times I’ve thought, is this worth it? I mean, I live in a big, polluted city, my mobile is pressed to my ear much of the day and I eat my bacon carcinogenic-crisp (yeah, yeah, I know). Do the chemical savings earnt from a $7 cabbage negate this toxic baseline?

So I liked this list posted by integrative medicine font Dr Andrew Weil: 12 foods You Don’t Have To Buy Organic. It gives me room to move.