how giving up booze has helped us all become nicer people!

In case you missed it, I gave up alcohol for February, as ambassador for Febfast.


The whole concept totally took off, which makes me so happy and impressed with human nature in general. Almost everyone I know took part. Bloody incredible. And the shift in everyone’s behaviour is astonishing. There’s a calmness. An OKness about town.

Gossip terror Ros Reines was inspired to comment in Spectator that the whole of Sydney seems to be on the wagon this month.

A FebFast update: 7200 people took part (I’d double that figure – a lot of people didn’t register) and it’s raised over $500K. Team Sarah Wilson coughed up more than $8K.

Last weekend my dear friend, crime author and highly impressive human being (she knocks my socks off) Tara Moss held a literary salon in her house up in the mountains where most of the room wasn’t drinking. We drank pomegranate juice in big wine balloons instead.

A lot of us have been going to the movies. And doing the Bondi-Bronte walk. And having tea in our gardens.

How’ve you been going? What tricks have worked for you? Below some great feedback from people around Australia. It made me teary….

When I first read about FebFast in Sarah Wilson’s column I giggled with some girlfriends that a whole month without alcohol would ruin me  – well it hasn’t, only two of us signed up but the support and interest from friends has been great. Next year I will really push for their participation and sponsorship, the main benefit for me so far has been such a wonderful improvement in overall health, no headachy mornings, less mood swings, lighter on the scales and better bladder control! Thanks FebFast for giving me a great way to detox after the festive season. I will definetely be participating next year and really monitoring my intake of alcholic beverages from now on. I will also be buying shares in whichever company produces soda, mineral and tonic H2O!

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