just let it go (an anthem for you this morning!)

This is my anthem right now: Let it Go, This Too Shall Pass. Watch and listen and start your day kindly!


OK Go! (the kids who brought us that crazy  Youtube dancing treadmill dance) are back with this new clip. Filmed in a grim-looking swamp with little swamp men playing xylophones. Very perfect.

Let it go…let it go…when the morning comes.

I didn’t sleep last night. Sometimes I excited about things and this just happens. Or I need more time to fret about something from the day. In the past I’d panic when I was still wide awake at 4am as those wah-wah birds started their wah-wahing, signalling my chance to sleep was over.  But now I just let it all fret out as it needs to.

OK, so my head is burning and I’ve got that itchy feeling you get from not sleeping (you get it too, don’t you?). In the past I’d fret I wouldn’t be able to achieve as much in the morning after no sleep. Now I just let it go. Everything passes. We get that opportunity every morning. If we choose it.

I’m Teflon Woman today. Just letting it go.

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