give good quote: stillness

“In stillness the world is restored.” ~ Lao Tzu


I can’t tell you how much this quote means to me right now. I’ve been moving around too much – travelling for work, looking externally for validation and stimulation, getting buzzy in my head about ideas and constantly in “scheduling mode”.

I’ve been running late for everything. Running, running.

This kind of freneticness – it creeps up on you.

Now it’s time to be still. And create space around me – in my movements, in my diary. Right down to the cellular level.

I went to the Chinese doctor this morning and she says to me, “Ah, stagnation…you’re flow is blocked”. Is it what! I can feel it – in my digestion, in my walking, in my communication with people. I need space around my cells so my chi can flow freely. So I can be restored.

There’s no pill to do this. It’s an attitude that you just adopt. Now. It’s being still.

Three things to do, flowing from this quote:

1. Sit for 20 minutes every day at 7am and then at 6pm, when my day finishes. Just sit. Still. Nothing else to do. I do this every day (with my meditation), but I’m going to focus on stillness and space for a few days so I can get back on track.

2. Schedule 15 minutes buffer around every activity. When I was at Cosmo, my gorgeous PA Lauren would do this with every meeting. It was a little breather she created for me.

3. Visualise, or feel, space and stillness – around me, around each and every cell. I’m doing this as I type and already I feel like I’m strolling with more flow.

What do you do to get still and restore?

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