the one thing you’d keep

If you were stranded, or homeless, or if the house burnt down, what’s the one thing you’d keep? It’s a great question. It’s a question that leads to so much whittling down of things. Once you whittle down, where do you stop? Artist Susan Mullaly posed the question to a bunch of people in Waco Texas and photographed the results. Many are homeless or disenfranchised, for various reasons.


Fred Albreight is a homeless carpenter. He says:

I pick up stuffed animals all the time, I got a truck in here too. I found him, this little dog in a dumpster down in the projects in the South Side while I was pickin’ up cans. The reason I picked it up is because whenever I see a little child I give it to him. That’s why I collect them.

When I was a kid, Dad kept our photo albums next to the front door

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