Mumbrella: on being a media whore and a square peg in the Masterchef hole

The below popped up on Mumbrella today. If you’re in media, or interested in media, you should definitely subscribe the newsletter. Apart from anything else, Tim Burrows, who runs the site, is one of the industry’s good guys. Knowledgeable, kind, fair, smart. He’s also a wonderful example of what I talk about in the clip … Read more

how bad is flouride, really?

A few weeks back I posted about why I don’t drink bottled water. Happily it inspired a stack of people to reconsider their habits.

If you’re not yet convinced, watch this Story of Stuff video (it’s a little long, but fascinating) below. And then scroll down to some info on the effects of flouride, especially for anyone with thyroid issues. A number of readers highlighted that it was an issue (thanks!), so I get Angela Hywood to give her thoughts.

Angela’s thoughts on flouride and thyroid:

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