i eat: chia seeds

DipChia seeds are everywhere. Yeah, you’ve noticed? If you’re new to their magic, they’re a South American seed – a bit like a poppy seed. My understanding is that Western Australia are now the biggest producers of it in the world. There are a few Australian chia suppliers around, and you can buy them at all health food shops. I’ve seen them at Woolies, too.

So why do I love the slippery little suckers? Well, they are the most nutritious superfood on the planet (according to some). They contain:

  • 8 x more Omega-3 EFA’s than salmon
  • 7 x more Vitamin C than oranges
  • 6 x more fibre than oat bran
  • 5 x more calcium than milk
  • 4 x higher antioxidants than blueberries
  • 3 x more iron than spinach
  • 2 x more potassium than bananas
  • 15 x more magnesium than broccoli
  • 18 amino acids
  • Vitamin A and B12
  • complete protein (23%)

PLUS the little buggers absorb 17 x their weight in water…so they fill you up, as well as keep everything moving through you a treat. They also  hydrate (although I personally suggest drinking A LOT of water when you eat chia, or you might get clogged, if yaknowwhatimean).

PLUS If you soak chia seeds in water for about 30 minutes, you will get a glass of almost solid gelatin (soluble fibre). When you eat chia, these fibres, known as mucilages, form this gel-like texture in the stomach, creating a barrier between carbohydrates and the digestive enzymes that break them down, slowing the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar…so they can be a natural aid in controlling diabetes!

This is how I eat them:

I sprinkle a teaspoon on my cereal each morning

I make gluten-free pumpkin muffins. Add them to any baked stuff, but you will have to add extra liquid to compensate

Nutritionist Angela Hywood makes this each morning: kefir, chia seeds and frozen berries blended together to form a smoothie (you can replace the kefir with yoghurt).

I sprinkle them in stir-fries, just at the end before serving.

For some extra recipes, check out The Chia Co‘s site.

Convinced? You should be.

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