nicole richie + me + the new midcity centre

Yesterday, there I was, on a stage in the MidCity Centre in Sydney, with Nicole Richie (she was out to launch the new shopping centre and wear lots of their clothes). You can’t miss me. I take up twice as much room on the page. I’m HUGE. To be exact, I’m 9.5 inches (whatever that is in cms…I always do height in old-school terms) taller than Nicole.


As it turns out I wore mid heels to her skyscrapers. But stooped a little. When you’re tall, you do that. My back is out from standing off-kilter all my life, one hip thrust to the right to shorten myself.

But virtually all celebrities are short. It surprises everyone. Is it that they haven’t had the awkwardness of tallness to stop them from being theatrical? I know I can’t do theatre or karaoke or dance in public; I feel like I take up too much room. And besides, it takes an extra beat for us to get our limbs out and in, in the one dance move. I have always played the sheep in nativity plays.

Or is it that short people gravitate toward professions that allow them to stand out a little more?


Nicole wore General Pants. And at the cocktail event she wore an amazing Witchery sparkly jacket. I’m wearing a sequined shift and hooded trench from Witchery and my own clash of jewellery.

By the way, Nicole is very sweet and a professional meeter and greeter. She gives, but only a little. Says the right things. Doesn’t expend too much energy on people, let’s them do the work, so that she can reserve her energy. It must be surreal for her – to have everyone she meets coming at her, rather than being able to invite them forward by being interesting or generous.

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