thinking of spring: this week I’ve been cleaning my guts

A while back I did a juice detox…and this week I was invited to take part in another one. Disclaimer: I didn’t pay for this detox, but my comments are freely my own. So, the Lucky You Cleanse, is a five-day deal where you consume nothing but freshly pressed organic juices and coconut water, and a whole stack of water.

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The deal: 6 x juices, plus a shot of aloe vera, are delivered to your door each morning for 5 days. It begins with an aloe vera elixir followed by a green smoothie (banana and chia and kale…not so good on the page, but amazing in the gob).  Then comes a range of  fruit/veg juices that use high-nutrient ingredients only, plus a “spicy lemonade” made of lemons, cayenne pepper, apple, stevia and celtic sea salt. 

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nicole richie + me + the new midcity centre

Yesterday, there I was, on a stage in the MidCity Centre in Sydney, with Nicole Richie (she was out to launch the new shopping centre and wear lots of their clothes). You can’t miss me. I take up twice as much room on the page. I’m HUGE. To be exact, I’m 9.5 inches (whatever that is in cms…I always do height in old-school terms) taller than Nicole.


As it turns out I wore mid heels to her skyscrapers. But stooped a little. When you’re tall, you do that. My back is out from standing off-kilter all my life, one hip thrust to the right to shorten myself.

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the comfort of people from your past

While I was in New York last week, I hooked up with my Year 8 English teacher Mrs Cochrane. Fun-weird. We connected via a few degrees of separation on Facebook, and via the same network, she worked out I was coming to New York (which is where she’s now based) and so we had dinner at Bread in Soho, which is one of my favourite joints, despite the preponderance of bread (which I can’t eat). So I ate braised beef with polenta.

Mrs Cochrane

And, OK, after dinner we might’ve popped in to Rice to Riches across the road. You been? Crikey, what an experience. Rice. With riches, such as nuts and chocolate and coconut cream and lots of chunky, sugary bits and…well, dieting is optional.

The funny thing about the night was that it felt like I was catching up with an old mate. Even though I was 14 when we last sat opposite in a classroom. And she was the teacher.

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