beyond beautiful: the fully sick rapper’s “life in a day”

A month or two ago I posted an interview with Christiaan, the Fully Sick Rapper who’d been quarantined in hospital with TB for 106 days. He’s just emailed me this link and, if  I were you, I’d watch it. Even if you haven’t had to face your own sadness in a mirror, or wondered where to find strength, or been sick in a scary way. But if you have, be prepared for little tears of human connection.

The video was made on day 180 of his stay in hospital, three days before he was told he could finally go home. When he made this, he had no idea when or if he was going home. It’s raw. I like that we finally seem him smiling.

He was invited to make the video for a youtube project – Life in a Day – that will see director Kevin Macdonald and producer Ridley Scott create a documentary capturing one day in the life of thousands around the world – July 24, 2010. Go to  Life in a Day to get involved. It was only announced two hours ago. Pretty rad.

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have you seen this very funny election spoof?

There are all kinds of ways to encourage you to get enrolled to vote. There’s this spoof that GetUp put together. You might have seen it on Q&A Monday night?

There’s also this dotpointed cheat sheet, which you might like to copy and paste and pass around your email list.

Please enrol. Please?

  • The previous (Liberal) government introduced laws that make it difficult to enrol to vote once the election is called
  • If you’re enrolling for the first time (like, you just turned 18 recently): you have until 8pm the same day the writ is issued.
  • If you’re updating your details: you have until 8pm three days after the writ is issued.

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