stuff I’m not paid to endorse: beautiful oils

Every Thursday I post a list of things I like. I’m not paid to say these things. I just think you might find them useful. Today, it’s all about oils, ain’t it!

*This post has been updated


There is a lot of misinformation about oil, as something to ingest, but also as a beauty product. Know this: oils don’t make you oily. Quite the opposite, in fact. Soaps, for instance, are made of oil. Oils nourish. Oils carry toxins from your cells. Oils clean.

I follow Ayurvedic thinking when it comes to oils. This style of healing uses oils to heal a number of ailments, particularly those that stem from a Vatta disposition. Vatta is a personality tendency characterised by flightiness, agitation, an inability to focus, excitement, sleep problems, digestion issues. I’m VERY vata. But even those of us who aren’t Vata-dominant experience the craziness of out of control vata because our culture if very Vata. Fast food, fast traffic, fast timetables, chaotic schedules…it’s knocking our vata about. And one some of the best ways to calm Vatta involve oils. Oils are heavy and grounding. They coax Vatta back down to earth, like Miss Jane pulling Mr Squiggle back down to the ground.

1. If you’re interested in learning more about the Ayurvedic take on oils and Vatta behaviour, Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Health (you can buy direct on the right there) is a good start.

tr_rosehip_4512. On my face I use: Rosehip oil. Two or three times a week I apply it at night as a moisturiser. It works wonders: smooths out scars, adds plumpness and relaxes my skin when it’s a bit “angry” (from wind or sun or travel or detoxing). That scaly texture disappears overnight.  I smother myself in it when travelling on planes – in part for protection from aircon, but also for its calming, grounding effect. My skin just soaks it up. Right now I use the Trilogy brand – organic, from New Zealand and formulated by two Aussie sisters. Kosmea is another good brand. Most chemists and health food shops stock both brands.

3. On my feet: organic, untoasted sesame oil. This is an Ayurvedic application: rub sesame oil (it must be the untoasted version, which is a little harder to find) into your feet, and the back of your neck before having a shower at night. Let it soak for a bit, then rinse off…it is unbelievably grounding and is great for insomnia!

Bio_Oil__125ml4. On my hands: Bio Oil. My friends Josh and Lauren put me onto this one. Bio Oil contains a whole bunch of different oils (calendula, lavender, rosemary, chamomile and what’s called “PurCellin” oil) and is formulated for scars (it’s very good for stretch marks), but I find it great as a hand moisturiser, especially in winter. Almost as cheap as chips ($14.95 for a small) and available everywhere, by which I mean Priceline, Big W, Coles etc.

I no longer recommend Bio Oil – it contains mineral oil. Instead I suggest using vitamin E oil on scars and Jojoba oil as a body oil. 

5. On my salads: hemp seed oil. I mentioned this lovely oil last week. Perhaps you know about how flaxseed oil is high in essential fatty acids? And is great for increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and reducing LDL (the bad stuff)? Well hemp seed contains even more EFAs and in a better balance that its flaxy cousin. It’s also more stable and doesn’t go rancid as easily. I also love the flavour. A warning: it’s rich and rather herbaceous in flavour. But works really well with apple cider vinegar as a dressing on salads. For my bowel-friendly breakfast recipe see my previous post.

moroccanoil6. In my hair: Moroccan Oil. This stuff is going bananas; everyone is talking about it. You apply it to your ends before drying and it adds lustre and richness. For real. It’s only just arrived here and select salons stock it. My hairdresser does – Ardino Hair in Paddington, NSW- if that helps.

I no longer recommend Moroccan Oil – it contains a lot of added nasties. Instead, use 100% argan oil.

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