stuff I’m not paid to endorse: beautiful oils

Every Thursday I post a list of things I like. I’m not paid to say these things. I just think you might find them useful. Today, it’s all about oils, ain’t it!

*This post has been updated


There is a lot of misinformation about oil, as something to ingest, but also as a beauty product. Know this: oils don’t make you oily. Quite the opposite, in fact. Soaps, for instance, are made of oil. Oils nourish. Oils carry toxins from your cells. Oils clean.

I follow Ayurvedic thinking when it comes to oils. This style of healing uses oils to heal a number of ailments, particularly those that stem from a Vatta disposition. Vatta is a personality tendency characterised by flightiness, agitation, an inability to focus, excitement, sleep problems, digestion issues. I’m VERY vata. But even those of us who aren’t Vata-dominant experience the craziness of out of control vata because our culture if very Vata. Fast food, fast traffic, fast timetables, chaotic schedules…it’s knocking our vata about. And one some of the best ways to calm Vatta involve oils. Oils are heavy and grounding. They coax Vatta back down to earth, like Miss Jane pulling Mr Squiggle back down to the ground.

1. If you’re interested in learning more about the Ayurvedic take on oils and Vatta behaviour, Deepak Chopra’s Perfect Health (you can buy direct on the right there) is a good start.

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