Tuesday eats: brown rice

So. Today. I start filming my new TV show. First day. I’ve lost my voice and I’m up to here with snot and flueyness. I’ll post again soon about the new show -it’s all secret squirrels for now (wherever did that phrase come from?!!). For now I can tell you it’s about nutrition…a pet topic of mine. As I’ve mentioned here, I’m studying integrative nutrition at the moment. I graduate as a health coach in October.


Anyway, I was at my mate Rosie’s house for dinner over the weekend, eating brown rice. I hope you won’t mind me saying this, but she reckons the stuff upsets her stomach – gas, runs to the loo, and the like. You too?

OK, here’s the solution plus some tips on how to make cooking with brown rice easier and healthier, bearing in mind the wholegrain version of anything is always 9485749 times more nutritious. The outer brans contain the fatty acids and also ensure slower digestion, providing more sustained energy.

1. always always always soak brown rice

The husk of brown rice is full of phytic acid. It’s a naturally occurring organic acid. But here’s the thing.

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