how to build a blog (a Cleo interview)

I was quoted in this month’s CLEO magazine. I thought it might be of interest to anyone who’s thinking of start a blog and is not sure where to start. I know I had noooooo idea when I first decided to launch this one.

2010-09-20_11252010-09-20_1126The other advice I would give is:

* Follow really strong bloggers and check out which style you like. You might like a vertical style, or a text only one like Seth Godin‘s, or a visual one, or a very simple style, like I’m quite liking the text-based ones these days…they cut out the bells and whistles and rely on pure, good, substantial content. Which is good. It’s the way of the future.

* Many use a standard blogspot or wordpress template. Most blogs will mention which somewhere on the homepage or in the address (if they’ve used a template). Google “the best free blog templates” and you will find a stack of options to choose from.

* Me, I use wordpress and I designed mine (not from a template)… which can get a bit expensive if you’re not careful. I share my office space with some great kids called The Makeroom who design blogs: [email protected]

* Start following a few blogging blogs which post about blogging tricks. Problogger is a great place to start.

* I can also recommend trying the 5-week Online Business Overhaul that the divine Clare Lancaster from Women In Business has built.

* Just start. Enter the fray.

Do you have any other tips that worked for you, that you’d like to share with the crew??

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