The three “life better” tips that get the most chatter

I’m in Bali on holidays… So I’m posting in advance a short best-of series. I hope you don’t mind. But it’s really something I need to practice, since I preach this kind of thing (shutting off, creating space), right?


Part three is  mini-list of the tricks and tips that have grabbed people the most. It’s funny what triggers interest in others. I often think it’s the energy with which I’ve written the post, not so much the topic. If I’m “there”, everyone can smell it.

1. My chat with Eugene Tan about his “inside people”. Funnily I’m here in Bali for his wedding. He’s marrying my mate Deb. Two of my favourite people. I wrote this post yonks ago, but people still mention it to me. It’s more a reflection of Eugene‘s essence, I think.


2. This quinoa post. Don’t know why. But kids liked it.

3. And of course this post about how I deal with my auto-immune disease. It’s amazing how many people have discovered they have AI from reading this, or have realised that they need to change doctors. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY how this blog stuff can do good things. I’ll drink a Bintang to that. Actually, no I won’t. It contains gluten….

Have a wonderful Friday. I’ll be in Changgu at the Desa Seni yoga retreat by the time you read this, om-ing out in a rice paddy.


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