wanted: Multi-media/writing assistant (paid position; two days a week)

NOTE: This post has been amended!!!!

Wow I’ve been inundated with lots of interest. PLEASE if you’ve already emailed me your details, please refer to the application criteria below and resubmit your application attending to this details. Thank you!!

Well, my little business of one is expanding! Want to join my fun?

I’m looking for a super enthusiastic person to work directly with me, assisting me with the technical side of my blog and online offerings, as well as performing PA duties (coordinating schedules and my TV commitments, some research and banal things like going to the post office). So,  it’s a bit of a girl/boy Friday position. The role could also include writing work (with bonus mentoring!), depending on the candidate.

Ideally, you:

  • are thrilled to work two days per week. Perfect for students or parents, or…
  • are able to work at least one of the days with me from my Darlinghurst office (on Oxford St).The other I’m happy for you to work from the moon, or…
  • own your own Apple laptop computer
  • have had some sort of PA/office experience
  • have a driver’s license
  • are keen to start immediately

The position is a paid one. But also one that is about learning and growing.

The role would suit a multi-media/technology student, a budding writer/journalism student who’s proficient with blogging technology, or a PA who “gets it”.

How to apply (please read carefully):

OK, you’re keen? Then see if you tick off the following bits and pieces…

If you think you’ve got the below bagged, please do send me:

1. a one-page letter (max) with a short dot-pointed rundown of your CV and appropriate references

2. a one-page rundown (max) of your skills answering the criteria directly

3. include a link to your blog if you have one

And please supply the above in the body of your email (no attachments please!!).

Sorry to be so specific, but I simply don’t have the time to wade through extra info and links…ergo, the reason for my getting a PA!

The role is:

  • two days per week
  • based from my Darlinghurst office (on Oxford St).
  • paid approx $150/day, depending on your experience
  • a combo of blogging assistant and PA work
  • has scope for extra opportunities. I work in a creative space with other writers and bloggers and would be happy to assist with media opportunities
  • requires someone who’s had some sort of PA/office experience
  • requires you own your own Apple laptop computer
  • requires a driver’s license
  • requires that you’re able to start ASAP-ish

Do you satisfy/are happy with these? OK, continue…

You must be competent with:

  • blogging technology (and ideally have your own blog I can view)
  • Macs and Apple software
  • organising another person (ie: PA/office experience)

The above are mandatory criteria.

It’s probably best I list the things I’ll need you to do…Can you do these?:

  • make ongoing adjustments to my WordPress blog (you’ll need a very good understanding of WordPress), from uploading images to formatting my homepage to include extra elements I come across (yes, this will involve some basic programming…or an ability to brief someone who can do this).
  • put together a media kit for my blog and then coordinate advertising requests, uploading the ads etc. I accept this is a bit of an ask, but if you have knowledge in this area, please say so. Ditto with graphic design skills.
  • set things up on my computer so that you can enable remote access to my emails and calendar
  • then coordinate requests and diary chaos without fuss. I’d require the successful applicant to be able to run this kind of thing on their own (they’ll know all the best systems and efficient tricks), and effectively run me (that is, you’re managing me, not the other way around. This is very key to this role.)
  • do miscellaneous social media stuff: ensure my Facebook, Twitter etc are all linked in adequately, advise on SEOs, search for images for me, make suggestions for tweaks to my blog, assist me in preparing daily blog posts (find images, tagging, research etc)
  • write polite emails on my behalf – to readers, PRs, publishers, media peers etc. Again, PA experience is key to this.
  • research work
  • do some bits and pieces of running around for my media work (going to the post office, picking up clothing from fashion outlets… nothing toooooooo menial….)

If you’re serious and seriously keen, email me: [email protected]

Due to the number of applications, I won’t be able to respond to everyone or provide additional info. The successful applicant will be notified by October 4, unless I post here otherwise (keep an eye on this blog for updates!). I hope that doesn’t appear rude, it’s just that I’m swamped to smithereens!!

I look forward to reading your application.

Sarah xx

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