wanted: Multi-media/writing assistant (paid position; two days a week)

NOTE: This post has been amended!!!!

Wow I’ve been inundated with lots of interest. PLEASE if you’ve already emailed me your details, please refer to the application criteria below and resubmit your application attending to this details. Thank you!!

Well, my little business of one is expanding! Want to join my fun?

I’m looking for a super enthusiastic person to work directly with me, assisting me with the technical side of my blog and online offerings, as well as performing PA duties (coordinating schedules and my TV commitments, some research and banal things like going to the post office). So,  it’s a bit of a girl/boy Friday position. The role could also include writing work (with bonus mentoring!), depending on the candidate.

Ideally, you:

  • are thrilled to work two days per week. Perfect for students or parents, or…
  • are able to work at least one of the days with me from my Darlinghurst office (on Oxford St).The other I’m happy for you to work from the moon, or…
  • own your own Apple laptop computer
  • have had some sort of PA/office experience
  • have a driver’s license
  • are keen to start immediately

The position is a paid one. But also one that is about learning and growing.

The role would suit a multi-media/technology student, a budding writer/journalism student who’s proficient with blogging technology, or a PA who “gets it”.

How to apply (please read carefully):

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so, i think you should ride a bike

I’ve been thinking for a while that I should be putting some energy to inspiring as many people as possible to ride a bike. I’m not sure how I’ll do this yet, but let’s make it a campaign.

Let’s call it A Campaign to Ride A Bike (unless anyone out there would like to pose a better name?). And as our mantra we can defer to HG Wells:

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”


It won’t be a dorky campaign. Just the stuff that might get more people fired up and informed to buy/dig out a bike and get moving.

To start with a bit of an explainer about why I care about this issue:

* Riding makes you happy: I’ve ridden a bike since I was four and I believe this to be totally true. I started out BMX racing and, then, got my first mountainbike at 11. I’ve done downhill racing and 24-hour mountainbike races. I’ve toured around the world and pretty much every major holiday has been on a bike (Vietnam, Tasmania, California, Spain, New Zealand… I once rode Brisbane to Cairns just to kill some time). You see things on a bike. You smell things. It’s free and flowing and honest. Your skin glows on arrival. You have time to think. You can swoop through traffic. You’re alive to things, not a passive, dull passenger.

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