Tuesday eats: why i don’t drink soy milk

I used to drink the stuff a bit. I got sucked in by the health messages.

don't get sucked in by the soy myth!!

Then I got told it’s a no-go for anyone with thyroid issues.

Then I learned it’s really a no-go for everyone. I know soooo many of you drink it in your coffee or tea.. Perhaps you’d like to reconsider that (and turn to FULL-FAT milk…more on this later):

Why do we think it’s healthy, then?

We’ve kind of been conned, to be honest.The story is this: in the olden days, tropical oils, like palm and coconut, were the basis of American food production. Problem was,  they’re not grown in the US …cos they’re tropical. So a campaign was launched to demonize the these oils and push soy (and corn) as the healthy alternative. We, in Australia, then adopted these health messages blindly and I”m guessing the soy farmers here ran with the bandwagon.

Why is it so crappy?

Most soy grown is genetically modified (GM) soy. DrMercola explains on his site:

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