study integrative nutrition for free: The winner!

Last week I offered the opportunity for free tuition at INN. Now the winner. I got Jo to pick the name from a hat (actually a vase). The successful person is…Debra (Deb, I’ll email you direct, too). I’m REALLY sorry to those of you who missed out!!!

However, I know a few of you are really committed to doing the course. So I contacted them and they can offer the following:

Two x $500 Tuition Scholarships (so, $500 off) for anyone who enrolls in the course December 1-31.

I don’t think it matters when you start the course…but you have to commit and enrol by the end of this month. You simply email here: [email protected] and mention my name. Check out the website for the course here. Or view an info session here.

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