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I was in the audience just now for the screening of Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure. Phenomenal. By now you’d know about Hugh smashing his eye. And Nicole and Keith and Livvie and Russ and Hugh singing “Still call Australia Home”. I cried through a lot of it. Such a wonderful, big energy. No one – … Read more

Tuesday Eats: cheat seeds

I love sharing tricks for making healthy food easier to come by. How about this one. We got sent some Pureblend mixes this week. We were given them gratis, just so you know.

salmon 021

They work like this: they come in a range of flavours – including Mediterranean, dukkah, satay and vindaloo. And they’re a combo of seeds and spices all in one mix. But they don’t contain anything artificial and are gluten-free. So they’re flavour hits, without the crap. You sprinkle on meat and grill it. Then you have an insta-meal but without the additives. This kind of cooking is perfect for people who live on their own (me!).

I eat this way. I eat meat with flavours with a stack of vegetables. I add flavour by:

* combining dukka and yoghurt and smearing on fish and grilling (Pureblend’s dukka and satay blends work well for this)

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