Tuesday eats: what I’m eating for breakfast right now

Someone asked me the other day to do a post on what I eat. In general. So I’ll start with breakfast.


I get up. I drink about 1-2 litres of hot water with either a squeeze of lemon or a dash of apple cider vinegar. Then I exercise etc. Then I eat. I’m simply not hungry for about 1-2 hours after I rise. Then it’s ON!

I mix it up a bit (porridge with sheep’s milk yoghurt and activated nuts; poached eggs and spinach, a few slices of millet bread with turmeric and cashew butter-$2- from Suveran as I ride to my office) But I’ve been filming a lot lately and it’s summer and my stomach as been a bit crook… and the below kind of caters to all of it. It’s portable, cooling, and allows me to whack in a few gut supplements.

Every morning I make sure I get a good dose of protein and FAT! If I don’t, I go searching for sugary carbs by about 10am.

my good-for-your guts breakfast smoothie

You’ll need:

* A stab mixer (don’t bother with blenders – too much equipment that you have to wash)

* handful of frozen berries or 1/2 a frozen banana (I buy when on special, peel and store in a zip-lock bag, then break into chunks to blend).

* 1/2 cup-ish yoghurt or kefir (I make my own or buy Meredith sheep’s milk yoghurt…less lactose and a great consistency; but I ALWAYS use full-fat. Why? Read here).

* 1/2 cup-ish  coconut water (fresh from the nut is best with the flesh tossed in, too,  or I like the Beyond one or the one that comes in a 500ml Tetrapak. Coconut water and flesh is extremely nutritious and an amazing electrolyte).

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