what to wear on a bike: part two (plus a bike basket giveaway!)

I wrote a post recently on what I wear on my bike…how to dress to ride…sans lyrca. I write these blogs to inspire you to ride a bike. My motivations are pure!

Here, a few extra pics and some that you lot sent in (thank you!). Also, our friend  Joyce from Cyclestyle has VERY kindly offered to giveaway an oval wicker bike basket (see below). As an aside, Joyce just gave birth four days ago, 10 days late!  The criteria will be…hmmmm…someone who’s just embraced bike funesss…a new recruit! Send in a pic via the comments of your new wheels (and a cute outfit) if you can.

baba17I found these pics of Baba – an Australian stylist living in Paris who I interviewed years ago when I was a feature writer at Sunday Magazine. Gala Darling posted them on her blog recently and did a wonderful write up on Baba. A gorgeous read.


Baba uses black leggings creatively. Have black leggings. Will travel (even in f*ck off stillettos in the snow).

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