OK, my secret weapon for quitting sugar

I’m now a month into this “I quit sugar” caper. I know many of you are doing the same and are hitting some roadblocks. So. Wrap your laughing gear around this…

One of the tricky times of the day has been early afternoon, when I want…. a TREAT. I don’t think it’s just sugar/energy thing. I think it’s a “This day is long, I need an indulgent pause to remind me that life is good” kinda thing. I used to go eat one of those small bars (35g) of dark chocolate.


Now I have a cup of this:

Miessence Berry Radical. It’s a powder made by Australian company Miessence (I’ve mentioned this company before – the most reputable organic cosmetics makers in the world). It’s a convincingly rich hot chocolate substitute, with no sugar. Actually, it’s no substitute. It’s the real deal. I add a teaspoon of the stuff to hot water with a splash of full-cream milk and it’s the most zingy, satisfying thing ever. I’ve added it to a pot of chai herbs and spices, too. Miessence recommend making it with coconut milk!

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