artificial sweeteners…are any ok?

Honesty corner: I’ve been trying to cheat the system and find a way to eat sugar-free chocolate. A cup of tea and chocolate at 3pm. Real tea. Fake sugar… sadly it’s tougher than the idea suggests.

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I figured there had to be one out there that was OK.

The fake chocolate scenario:

  • Loving Earth chocolate¬† contains agave, which is 90 per cent fructose. Which is not what you want to be eating. Health food shops are awash with agave-sweetened, “sugar-free” products. Be very aware!
  • Cocoa Farm chocolate is sweetened with Maltitol which is one of the common sugar alcohols. More on them in a minute. But note, they’re bad.

So are any fake sugars OK? Yep.

  • Dextrose and glucose are both pure glucose, containing no fructose, so your body will detect it and process it.
  • The “maltos” – maltodextrin and maltodextrose. These are another variant of glucose, in a longer chain of molecules. When they hit your saliva, they break down to maltose, which is digested as if it were pure glucose.
  • Lactose – the sugar in milk products. Again, no fructose and surprisingly sweet once you’re off fructose.

This is a list, from David Gillespie’s “Sweet Poison Quit Plan“:

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