caveman exercise: a *why and how* rundown

OK, I’ve just posted on how to exercise at home, using techniques I’ve learned from Origin of Energy’s Aaron and his team.

As a backgrounder, I’ve got Aaron to explain the philosophy behind the exercises he teaches. I love it…I’m absorbing myself in the information at the moment and meeting all kinds of people who live in this way, including a great Sydney wholistic dentist, ballet dancers, marathon runners and chefs (Martin Boetz who owns Longrain is a big fan).

  • The movement is sometimes called Paleo living or Primitive living. The Bloodtype diet is one strand. CHEK training adheres to this thinking, too. I’m not a fan of very formalised “diets” and plans like these. Aaron isn’t either. Which is why I like his approach.
  • The book or approach that many seem to recommend is Primal Body Primal Mind. You might want to check it out.
  • And for an insight into Aaron’s work with footy player Anthony Minnocello’s recovery you might like to watch this:

Aaron explains “hunter + gatherer” exercise

The human body is the expression of the earth’s wild environment. Humans are the most evolved biological organism on the planet. Our whole body is a refined tool for effective hunting and gathering.

Unfortunately most of us don’t stimulate our bodies with the movement, nutrition & lifestyles that created us. As a result many of us have become physically weak, and an expression of sedentary lifestyles.

There is is an innate reason why we find physically healthy & fit individuals attractive. They are good providers & survivors of the natural environment. So to get back your birthright of health, fitness and a lean athletic physique here are some hunting & gathering exercises:

1. Interval shuttle sprints

We walked or sprinted, light jogging would have scared away what we wanted to eat. Uneven terrain & agile prey would not have let us sprint  in one direction.

So try this: 10m interval shuttle. Both feet pass the line each time with one hand touching the ground.


2. Alternating Single arm Clean & Press

We would have to move loads quickly and efficiently. Loads would have rarely been even.

So try this: Maintain a neutral spine,  reach down between the legs and lift the weight with your whole body,  jump under the weight at its limbo point at shoulder height, then use the whole body to throw it over head.


3. Lunge-box step hop switch

Surfaces would have never been even.

So try this: lunge on alternate legs and hop to switch. Maintain an upright position.


4. Kipping Pull ups/ jump pull ups

We would have had to climb rocks and trees with our whole body.

So try this: The kipping pull up uses everything you have in the body to swing and flick yourself up.


(Perform these in a circuit 30:30 meaning 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest inbetween)

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