how to exercise at home: a video

Last week I shared how I exercise and mentioned I’ve been going through a big shift via the work I’ve been doing with Aaron at Origin of Energy. I say it plain: it’s  boosted my energy levels and corrected my posture, two things that have suffered horribly from having an autoimmune disease. His technique is … Read more

caveman exercise: a *why and how* rundown

OK, I’ve just posted on how to exercise at home, using techniques I’ve learned from Origin of Energy’s Aaron and his team.

As a backgrounder, I’ve got Aaron to explain the philosophy behind the exercises he teaches. I love it…I’m absorbing myself in the information at the moment and meeting all kinds of people who live in this way, including a great Sydney wholistic dentist, ballet dancers, marathon runners and chefs (Martin Boetz who owns Longrain is a big fan).

  • The movement is sometimes called Paleo living or Primitive living. The Bloodtype diet is one strand. CHEK training adheres to this thinking, too. I’m not a fan of very formalised “diets” and plans like these. Aaron isn’t either. Which is why I like his approach.
  • The book or approach that many seem to recommend is Primal Body Primal Mind. You might want to check it out.
  • And for an insight into Aaron’s work with footy player Anthony Minnocello’s recovery you might like to watch this:

Aaron explains “hunter + gatherer” exercise

The human body is the expression of the earth’s wild environment. Humans are the most evolved biological organism on the planet. Our whole body is a refined tool for effective hunting and gathering.

Unfortunately most of us don’t stimulate our bodies with the movement, nutrition & lifestyles that created us. As a result many of us have become physically weak, and an expression of sedentary lifestyles.

There is is an innate reason why we find physically healthy & fit individuals attractive. They are good providers & survivors of the natural environment. So to get back your birthright of health, fitness and a lean athletic physique here are some hunting & gathering exercises:

1. Interval shuttle sprints

We walked or sprinted, light jogging would have scared away what we wanted to eat. Uneven terrain & agile prey would not have let us sprint  in one direction.

So try this: 10m interval shuttle. Both feet pass the line each time with one hand touching the ground.


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