David lynch on meditation: water the root

There’s a saying that goes along with the vedic style of meditation that I do:


water the root, enjoy the fruit.

Which is to say, put focus and care into your core every day and then the rest of life will simply flourish and express itself. Can I just say? It works.

I’ve been meditating in the vedic style for two years and I’ve gradually, and exponentially, become a sturdier tree with better fruit. It’s really working for me at the moment as I write. What’s coming out isn’t so nervous and false and flimsy. It’s grounded. I hope!!

Below is a montage of highlights from the Change Begins Within benefit gala held in December by the producer David Lynch who’s been meditating twice a day for 37 years. Lynch, who adheres to the transcendental style (very similar to the vedic style) teamed up with Martin Scorcese, Clint Eastwood, Katy Perry and Russell Brand to talk about meditation for this fund-raiser which raised $$ to teach 10,000 war veterans to meditate. Lynch raises $$ to expand the technique to disadvantaged kids and veterans and homeless people. The David Lynch Foundation is committed to teach 1 million kids to do meditation. Lynch  talks about watering the root…

This one is shorter and talks about how meditation helps him get creative (I know this has been a topic in the comments lately!). I think meditation is crucial to my creativity. It provides a solid base from which I can feel confident to express. Without it I’d feel flitty and pithy.

I thought I’d share these because I’m asked a lot about what style of meditation I do. The vedic, or transcendental, or TM style is wonderfully simple.

I sit for 20 minutes. On a chair if I want. And repeat a mantra. I set a timer on my iphone. I meditate after exercise in the morning and around 6pm. Mostly.

I don’t seek a perfect meditation spot – I meditate on planes, in my car in shopping mall carparks while I wait for a friend. When I filmed Masterchef I’d lock myself in the portaloo on set and meditate. I meditate in the Channel 7 wardrobe (literally, a wardrobe) when I’m killing time before doing Sunrise. No one seems to find it too odd.

For me, it’s about building strength and solidity and certainty in my being so that I don’t wave around like one of those flapping promotional dolls outside car yards. Since I’ve been meditating, I haven’t had to try so hard. I got the MasterChef gig after 6 weeks of meditating. My teacher Tim told me at the time that things would start happening when I started opening and getting solid. I’m not saying the gig was a direct result, but that my openness allowed it to flood in.

Things gravitate to me because I’m a sturdy, rooted trunk of a thing that seems a good thing to be attracted to.

Got questions?

If you’re in Sydney and want to learn the vedic style: Tim Brown is your man. He also lists on his site affiliated teachers.

The David Lynch Foundation website also answers a few FAQs.

Do you meditate? What’s the benefit it brings to you each day? Why do you keep going back for more? I know I ask myself this a lot!

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