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My ‘love what you love’ post a few days ago has been getting great suggestions and ideas for loving what YOU love. I wanted to share some with you. As well as a fun pic of Juliette Lewis playing drums. Because it’s Friday.

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The very amusing Adam Cordner said “I LOVE Comics and the Delorean(car) from Back To The Future! There, I said it. I’m going to find a Delorean and restore it to the film standard, then when I stop at the traffic lights I’ll scream at people “what year is this!”

Mel shared: tanned feet, camping sans luxury under big trees, boogie boarding…the kind u did when u were 10 resulting in lots of sand in the gusset of ur cosies, French romantic comedies, riding fast down hills with the wind in my hair, swishy dresses, second hand everything, dancing by myself, men with soul….

Ella‘s list included “napping with my head at the foot of my bed. Catching the train in the middle of the day, when it’s quiet, through the city and watching the skyscrapers slide past. The apple and peanut butter combination!”

I loved that Lisa‘s list centred mostly around food! ” Salted caramels. Baths with salts, bubbles, candles, music, and wine. Baking for hours on a Saturday afternoon. French restaurants and French food. Creme brulee. Eating dessert before dinner. Going to the movies on my own, in the middle of the day, on a weekday. Cocktails and dancing with my best girlfriends. Drinking a cup of really good coffee with a paper in front of me and nothing but time to enjoy both.”

Nicole chose “The beach in winter. Surfing while the sun is rising. Second-hand book shopping. Crushing spices in my mortar and pestle. Drinking tea (tea pot and cozy a must!) with my best mate. We both have particular tea cups for ourselves and each other at each of our houses.”

Sarah, from San Francisco, who has a gorgeous blog here, said “I love getting up before the sun, even on weekends. People think I’m insane, but I really don’t care. The people you pass when you’re out running at six are entirely different than those at 9. They say hi to you; you “get” each other; you know they appreciate these stolen silent moments as much as you do. I love the exact moment the sun comes up. It’s so beautiful, I want to cry. I want to share it with the entire world, so I reach my arms out and close my eyes and just breathe.”

Kallie shared “I love studying to be a naturopath,  I love cooking good clean sustainable food and sharing it with people and most of all I love sharing a human connection with my emotions as I know a lot of wisdom, strength and growth comes from that and I will be able to help those around me.”

Hanna loves  “my kid, more and more as she gets older.  I love her sense of humour. Reading Agatha Christie in a hot bath in the day while it’s raining outside – or sleeping in the day when it’s raining. Swimming naked, especially in the sea, wearing only goggles and staying under for as long as I can.

Dani loves to love “caring passionately about mental health, not just that of people with a clinically diagnosed mental illness” but all of us. Words, reading, and writing (and oxford commas!) Driving to the headland near my place to watch thunderstorms on summer nights (bonus points if I get to take a friend and some pizza). Being who I am and not feeling like I “should” be anything different”.

Elizabeth shared: “Taking baths late at night just for the heat, not to get clean. Spooning with my dog in bed on weekend mornings. Staying home on weekdays. Walking in the woods with my puppy as guide. One-on-one lunches with girlfriends.”

Leah loves “sitting in the sun, horse riding across open paddocks where you can just let them run and go along for the ride, breakfast and sudoku in bed, sleepy, warm, floppy-armed cuddles from my half awake man in the morning, talking to animals and my car, sitting on damp grass at night and watching the sky”

Alex enjoys “Making a patient’s bed – i just love the feeling of the crisp starchy clean sheets and i love making the patient really comfortable when they’re back in it, fluffing up the pillows and putting one between their legs, on their side, etc. pillows are not just for heads.”

Paul says “I love being a nerd”.

Mia listed – “making any kind of fort, be it out of boxes, or a big doona and pillow fort from which to sit and read, or nap, or watch sci-fi. Or do nothing! On that note… I love sci fi. I love being nerdy. I love pretending to be a pirate when Im alone. I love to disconnect. I secretly make up engagements so people wont be offended that I want to stay home alone. To do absolutely nothing”.

Angela said “I love watching clouds move through the sky and deciding what the shapes are. And also deciding that each shape is symbolic of what I need/want in my life”.

And fabulous zany Sian – “Having conversations with my dog about big life decisions, eating cereal or ice-cream for dinner when I’m feeling lazy, sleeping with my childhood teddy when I’m feeling low, standing in the pouring rain,  smuggling muskticks into my jacket and sneaking them to my team mates when our coach tries to punish us with laps around the field, as an atheist my most shameful and secret love is watching 7th heaven, I just can’t get enough of their wholesome Christian values. I can’t explain it!

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