In which we try out a handsome Cooper bike

The other week I was lent a new Cooper bike (the same folk who make the Mini Cooper). I got my right-hand woman Jo to test-ride the three-speed Zandvoort for this sponsored review. To my mind it’s a great bike for kids out there who love the single-speed aesthetic and snappy swoopiness…but with a few gears to help you out. Over to you Jo…

IMG_3432(Bikes at Byron Beach – my Zandvoort with Sarah’s single- speed)

It seems a lot of people these days are keen to hook into the single speed vibe. They’re so pretty. So light. Only thing is, if you haven’t ridden a lot, or at least not for a little while (like me) then a single-speed can be hard, and a little dangerous, especially if you’re living in a hilly town.

A bike that looks like a single-speed, and is only a few kilos heavier, is the happiest of compromises. A geared bike, dressed in single-speed clothing!!

The T100 Zandvoort (which is what I rode) has a three gear twist-grip, just enough to cope with those hills, but it isn’t too heavy. It still has the agility of a single speed.

Sarah was keen for me to test the bike, because it’s the perfect solution for people like me. I trialled it in Byron Bay when I visited her. And I loved it.

I had forgotten how much I absolutely love to ride. It’s total freedom. The wind in your hair, feet up on the handlebars – the whole deal. (Ok, so I didn’t get to put my feet on the handlebars, but I remember doing that as a kid, and I’m so bringing that back!)

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