now for some camera whimsy apps

It’s really not enough any more to just point and shoot? It’s a bit, “is that ALL you know about iphone apps?” If this IS all you know, then this little rundown of apptastic iphone appendages will delight you. Play with them over the weekend.


I came across this great post on THE BEST CAMERA APPS from one of my favourite NYT writers David Pogue. Here’s the bits you want:

  • Try TiltShift(from $1). It’s a photographic trick that, by using selective angles and blurring, makes the real world seem to be made of tiny toys.
  • Picture 1Time Lapse ($1) lets you create a high-definition time-lapse movie automatically while you’re away. Watch a building go up, watch a flower bloom or just see what’s been going on at home while you’re away.

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what are sponsored reviews?

Yesterday we ran a “sponsored review”. You see more of these around the web now, called sponsored posts or paid posts. I thought I’d be totally transparent about what these are about for me, here.


In a shell of a nut, they’re posts that are supported in some way – in $ or in kind – by a brand or service. The concept is derived from what’s known in magazines as “integrated advertising” (you see pages that look like editorial, but are actually an ad and usually have a banner at the top saying ‘advertisement’ or ‘promotion’). In newspapers and on TV, travel features and car reviews are mostly paid for by clients (an airline, a hotel, a tourist bureau). A line generally runs at the end: Sarah Wilson traveled with XYZ Llama Treks (or whatever). Since I’ve worked across all media, I know this dance intimately and I know how to tread the line…I’ve also seen how it is often crossed very tackily and dishonestly, especially online.

Why am I doing sponsored reviews on this blog? Two reasons

1. I’ve been writing posts six days a week now for almost two years. My blog costs money to run. A little bit of revenue will help me out. I don’t write for the money. It’s not why I started this blog. But I have rent to pay!

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