can you capture what you stand for?

I have to come up with a mission statement, a raison d’etre for something I’m working on (actually, it’s my blog). I’ve struggled to get clear. I keep trying to get “on top” of what I think my blog is about, to get a definitive bird’s eye view. My view. Your view (as a reader). My critics’ views.


I’ve mentioned before that with starting a blog – and when doing many things these days – it’s nigh impossible to get a definitive perspective on things. Everything moves so damn fast. Blogging doesn’t know where it’s heading…so enter the fray and just be part of it. Join the current, and learn to swim as you go, was my advice (I grew my entire career this way!). All of life is like this. Frazzled. Slippery.

But there’s another element to this resulting fugginess. As I say, this realm is all an experiment moving so fast that our ethical and emotional selves haven’t caught up.  Which is why I think so many of us feel so torn and flustered and unclear. And bothered. And desperate to grab a fistful of certainty…somewhere!

My beautiful  friend Kerry, who works with CEOs and charity organisations to help them get clear on their aims, said last night this is a widespread problem at the moment. She sees unclear visions all the time. Or doesn’t, more to the point. “We are so caught up in staying up to date and operating ‘out there’, we can’t actually see what our purpose is, why we’re doing what we do”.

“We do, do, do. We think the doing will find us clarity. But it’s the opposite. The doing has to stop before you get clear.”

Hell yeah.

I tell you where I’ve been getting it wrong – I’ve been after the bird’s eye view. I’ve wanted to stop things long enough to grasp it. IMPOSSIBLE!! This is something we need to accept is just not achievable nowadays.

The solution then? How to get clear? How to work out what you’re about? Don’t get on top…get down low. Into the heart.

I don’t think we can think – or do – ourselves clear any more. We can only FEEL ourselves clear.

Kerry and I pondered this last night….she quoted Einstein:

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

We need to think differently to get clear. Or not think at all.

I got down into my heart for a few quiet minutes last night (and it only takes that long) and FELT what I’m about and it kinda came screaming back at me…Kerry sat back….Here it is:

I friggen want to make my life matter… with my blog I pick apart, savour, sample ideas that help us live a life that matters. Fired up. Giving a shit. Getting real. With a dose of whimsy.

There. Better. It’s all made me a bit teary and raw now. I think I need a tea and some sun.

When you get low, does it help? AND, what do you stand for?

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