can you capture what you stand for?

I have to come up with a mission statement, a raison d’etre for something I’m working on (actually, it’s my blog). I’ve struggled to get clear. I keep trying to get “on top” of what I think my blog is about, to get a definitive bird’s eye view. My view. Your view (as a reader). My critics’ views.


I’ve mentioned before that with starting a blog – and when doing many things these days – it’s nigh impossible to get a definitive perspective on things. Everything moves so damn fast. Blogging doesn’t know where it’s heading…so enter the fray and just be part of it. Join the current, and learn to swim as you go, was my advice (I grew my entire career this way!). All of life is like this. Frazzled. Slippery.

But there’s another element to this resulting fugginess.

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