sweet surrender.

I meditate every morning. Some mornings I also do yoga. At the end of both-either I have a ritual.

Illo by Geoff McFetridge
Illo by Geoff McFetridge

I finish.

I send out an intention – to be truthful during the day.

Then I surrender forward.

I gently flop my torso over my crossed legs, or over my lap if I’m sitting in a chair. And consciously release myself to the earth, to the day, to the forces that are much larger than me that will steer things regardless of my efforts. I surrender to what the day will bring.

It feels very good. It’s a wonderful tool for some honest-to-goodness letting-go-ness.I get a physical release when I do it and when I sit up all of it makes sense. I am little. I really shouldn’t try so much to force change. Sit back. Eat some breakfast. Continue…

Maybe you take a quirky moment now, in your chair, to surrender forward? It’ll just look like you’ve dropped your pen…what do you reckon? Works?

PS. Have a great weekend. I’m off to Melbourne to film with Adam Zwar. He created Lowdown and Wilfred…we used to write relationship columns in the same paper MANY years ago. Fun!

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